About Screw'd

Screw'd was created to be a more optimized and speedy ROM for Nexus & Pixel devices. We combine the best features with a slimmed down base to give you one of the fastest, feature-filled ROMs available.

Open Sourced & Up To Date

Screw’d is updated, compiled, and tested daily to ensure that we use the latest, stable code base straight from AOSP (Android Open Source Project). This means that we stay up-to-date with Google’s security patches and features, and we’ll never add code that isn’t required. We also post ALL of our source code so you can see all of the changes we make, and even compile Screw’d yourself. Although Screw’d was originally created for Nexus devices in mind, it is possible to port our ROM to work with other devices. As proof, we have ported Screw’d to non-Nexus devices such as the OnePlus 5.

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What can we bring to the table? Too much to list here!

Customize almost everything

Statusbar tweaks, Extra Navigation choices, Lockscreen options, Extended Power Menu, and much, much more. Almost everything is configurable to match your needs. Features from other projects are added and tested daily to help bring more customization to this project.

Updated Weekly

Screw’d 3.x is now released weekly. This ensures that you have the newest features as they’re merged in. In order to keep you up-to-date with weekly releases, Screw’d has a built-in change-log viewer and Over-The-Air update function bundled into one app, called Lean. Using Lean, you can get view changes between builds, and download & install updated builds with a single push of a button.

Theme Ready

As of Screw’d 3.0, we support the Overlay Management System aka OMS, which is a more native way to theme Android. This means that you can download and apply any theme designed for use with Substratum. The combination of colors and styles are endless depending on what theme you choose.

Support like no other

Have a issue with Screw’d of any kind? Our Google Plus community is filled with people who are avid Screw’d power users that may be able to help. Or if that doesn’t work, reach out to the team directly for a more technical response.

Optimized for speed

We use special, optimized toolchains and compilation flags during build-time to ensure that you get the snappiest ROM out there. Plus, all unnecessary code from AOSP are stripped out, leaving behind a very slim base for us to build on.

We hate statistics

Some ROMs like CyanogenMod have built-in statistics. We will never do that. One of our sworn promises of this project is to NEVER include statistics to monitor your use.

Meet The Squad

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