How to make your device officially supported (or how not to do it)

13 November 2017

How to make your device officially supported (or how not to do it)

Since the announcement that we’re supporting CAF based devices now, I’ve been bombarded by people asking if we can give their device “OFFICIAL” status. Mind you some of these people that are asking about said devices don’t even know what that means. What most people thinks that means is that we’ll add it to our Github page and fix it so the average Joe can come by and build it, or we can build it along with the other OFFICIAL devices without testing it or knowing what works and what doesn’t, so we get to deal with the headache of deving for a device we don’t own. That’s something that will not happen. Also, just because YOU got Screw’d to compile on your device, doesn’t mean it’s a shoe-in to be officially supported by us. Because the thing is, only devices owned by Screw’d team members can be considered to be officially supported. Meaning we aren’t just picking up your device, we’d be recruiting you as a maintainer for the device. And I don’t just let let anyone on my team (at least not anymore). So I’m going to lay out some guidelines if you’re  REALLY serious want your device to be officially supported.

  • You have to be able to at least compile Screw’d on your device.
  • You, and only you, will be responsible for this device, I.E. maintain it.
  • Be git savvy; or at least be willing to learn on your own.
  • Post all of your source, with proper authorship. If you used LOS trees or something like that, disclose that.
  • The main essentials have to be working, like SIM, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. If these aren’t working, it’s an instant no-no.
  • The use of 3rd party kernels are instantly out.
  • We allow you to post your personal builds on XDA or wherever, as long as the tag is “UNOFFICIAL”. Be able to maintain this post/thread, as you’ll need feedback from others on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Your builds have to keep up with the rest of the devices. If a revision from Google or a feature breaks something on the phone (like audio, or whatever), it’s up to you to fix it.
  • Don’t be an a**-hole when dealing with other people in the Android community. The Android community is tighter than you’d think, people talk and reputations precedes everything. The Screw’d Team doesn’t condone anyone with bad attitudes.
  • Don’t contact us repeatedly and asking us when we’ll bring on. If you’ve met the criteria above, then the best thing to do is be patient and wait for us to come to you.

With that being said, note that if you’ve met all of the criteria above, there’s still no guarantee that we’ll pick you or your device up. So the best thing is to be patient. And for the love of God don’t hit me up with something like:

“Hey, can you plz make (insert device name here) official?” or “I just herd you do caf plz do (insert device name nobody never heard of) because CM dont do nougat”



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